Itinerario para Cristianos Evangélicos de 7 días


​Recorrer Tierra Santa con la Biblia como tu guía: desde el Norte al Sur de Israel, podrás tocar los sitios donde acontecieron las más importantes eventos del Nuevo y del Viejo Testamento.


Day 1

Tel Aviv Beach
White City - Bauhaus architecture
Carmel Market

Begin your visit by heading straight to Jaffa, the picturesque ancient port from which Jonah set sail before being swallowed by the whale, where King Solomon imported the cedars of Lebanon to build the Temple in Jerusalem, and where Peter had his vision at Simon the Tanner's home. 


Don’t miss the visitor center in Kedumim Square that showcases the history of the city and is built around antiquities from the time of Jesus. Enjoy a beautiful view of modern Tel Aviv from Jaffa, before driving through the city.


Tour Tel Aviv’s White City to see the preservation of buildings of Bauhaus architecture (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) including Independence Hall, where Ben-Gurion declared independence in 1948.


Sheinkin Street is famous for its fun shopping, dining and people-watching in a youthful atmosphere, while the open-air Carmel fruit and vegetable market is a treat for all the senses. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall comes alive with stalls selling handicrafts of every type. 


Overnight in the Tel Aviv or Netanya area 

itinerario para Cristianos Evangélicos de 7 días