Itinerario comunidades etnicas de 4 días


La experiencia de Israel a través de sus numerosas caras: poblaciones versátiles y variados grupos étnicos te esperan en tu gira de Norte a Sur del país.


Day 1

Bahai Gardens and Shrine
Bahai Gardens
Acre - Knight halls

Start the day in on biblical Mount Carmel, making the acquaintance of Israel’s Druze community in the village of Isfiya, and enjoying Druze hospitality.


Then, it’s on to Haifa, where you’ll have opportunities to encounter two religious groups in addition to Judaism, both coming out of Islam and each moving away from the source. The beautiful Bahai Gardens convey some of the underlying aesthetics and spirituality of the Bahai faith, while a visit to the Ahmadiyya community will shed light on their ideas and history. (The Ahmadiyya community lives in a small neighborhood of Haifa called Kababir on the western slopes of Mount Carmel.)


Travel to Acre, to the Al-Jazzar mosque, one of Israel's most beautiful shrines, to encounter the Sunni Muslim community in Israel. Visit the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, fought over by Crusaders and the Muslims some 900 years ago. Walk through the maze of Crusader halls and enjoy the local bazaar, shops and restaurants owned by Jews, Christians and Muslims. 

In the early evening, drive to the Sea of Galilee area.


Overnight: in the Sea of Galilee area.

itinerario comunidades étnicas de 4 días